Join us for a virtual golf session and wine tasing!
Thursday, May 13th, 7pm start (90 minutes)
This interactive golf session will help you get some tips for the upcoming season!
We will work on putting, chipping and full swing. You will need a yoga mat (or similar size carpeted area), putter, pitching wedge, a towel & chair. If you have wiffle balls that is great otherwise regular golf balls can work too! ***don’t worry if your ceiling height/room is too small, you can bring a kitchen spatula with you to “swing” and still learn!*** Even if you don't have golf clubs, the spatula can work to practice all the important golf body movements.
Following the golf session we will be joined by Sommelier Melissa Stunden who will guide us through a tasting of a Chateau Bonisson Rosé and answer any of your wine questions!
What's included:
  • 1 x 750ml bottle of Château Bonisson "La Petite Causerie" Rosé

  • Cheese Boutique  Snack Pack (50g Cheese Boutique Proscuitto, 50g Midnight Moon Cheese, 40g Torres Truffle Chips) 

  • Home Delivery in the GTA & Surrounding Areas (Additional charges may apply) 

  • Zoom Link to the ‘live’ Golf Tips and Guided Wine Tasting