Cascina Ballarin 'Pilade' Barbera D'Alba

Cascina Ballarin 'Pilade' Barbera D'Alba


Grape: Barbera

Region: Piedmont

Country: Italy

Vintage: 2017

Volume: 750mL

Alcohol: 14.5%


A family run estate, Cascina Ballarin takes it’s name from a family gained after working on a farm called Strada Ballerini, for a while… thankfully it’s a pretty cute nickname. A pretty classic piedmontese story, the Viberti Family has been farming various things in La Morra since the late 1920’s, and followed the money, slowly converting their orchards and stables to vineyards. They’re in the heart of the Langhe, and mainly focus on Barolo, but also make Dolcetto, Nacetta, and Barbera, which I think is the quiet hero of the bunch. Their Pilade is named for the elderly gentleman who previously owned the vineyards where they grow their Barbera, on limestone- blue marlstone soils. This wine has velvety tannins, a rich fruity bouquet with sexy cedar notes, and is savoury on the palate. This wine really feels like a prima ballerina, delicate, restrained, everything looks easy, but that’s what makes it perfect. Take her for a spin, or several without getting dizzy.