Tall, Dark and Spicy Party Pack

Tall, Dark and Spicy Party Pack


We’ve done it! We’ve selected three hotties who are ready to go home with you, whisper spicy little secrets in your ear, make you blush, and pepper in compliments about how incredible you and your tastes in wine are… well, after drinking all three bottles, it’s a distinct possibility. Each pack come with a reusable Sips tote.


Castell d’Encus 2015 ‘Thalarn’ Syrah, Costers del Segre, Catalonia, Spain 13.5% ABV


Located in the Pyrenees mountains, with a historical 12th century village on the property, and vineyards over 1000 m high, this is the breathtaking Castell d’Encus. A winery dedicated to honouring the history of Catalonia, taking care of the lands they owe so much to, and innovative winemaking techniques. Named for the village Castell d’Encus is located in, Thalarn is 100% Syrah, that is fermented in their 12th century stone lagers, and aged in 60% new French Oak barrels. Silky tannins, dark cherries, violets, clove and pepper, this is a beautiful, high altitude Syrah. This wine is unfined and unfiltered, so we recommend decanting!


Domaine du Chene 2017 ‘Anaïs’ Syrah, Saint Joseph, Northern Rhône, France 13% ABV


Marc and Dominique Rouviere began their search for a property in Beaujolais to start their wine project, but nothing ever panned out. A chance trip to the Chavanay Wine Market lead them to find an old wine property in the same village with a giant oak tree at the entrance, just like their family crest. For the Rouviere family, finding the Domaine du Chene property felt like destiny, and their wines taste like they were truly meant to be. The Anaïs is a special cuvée named for their daughter made of old vine Syrah on granite soils, and aged in new french oak. Red fruit, a hint of vanilla, pepper, and smoke, and fantastic body. Excellent with roasted, gamey meats.


Domaine des Carabiniers, ‘Moon Apogé’ 2017 Lirac Rouge, Grenache/Mourvédre/Syrah, Lirac, France 13% ABV


Established in 1974, organic since ’97, and biodynamic in 09’ The Leperchois family have been committed to their love and struggle to honour the land whilst making kickass wines for five generations now. Harvested at night (hence the name), this wine has a beautiful smoked anise character, juicy red fruit, herbaceous, with a long savoury finish. Drink now while staring up at the night sky and thinking about this big, crazy universe we live in…. or cold cuts, and meat sauce dishes.

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