To Be Franc Party Pack

To Be Franc Party Pack

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Let's be franc, Cab Sauv's daddy is OG and doesn't get enough respect for being a versatile, pyrozenic baddy. Bask in it's green glory with this pack! 


Baudry-Dutour 2019 'Marie-Justine' Cabernet Franc Rosé, Chinon, France

This strawberry blond is full of subtle red fruit, a perfect amount of green pepper, and fresh acidity, your mom will love this rosé, and so will you!


Domaine de la Marinière 2019 'La Peau de l'Ours' Chinon Cabernet Franc, Chinon, France

Is this the fruitiest Chinon in existance? Maybe so! The pyrozines are bearly detectable and this wine is sooooo easy drinking and and approachable. 


Adamo Estate Winery 2017 'Foxcroft Vineyard Grower's Series' Cabernet Franc, Twenty Mile Bench, Canada

This dude is soooo correct! Sweet tobacco, dark fruits, roasted red pepper and licorice, and the hint of new french oak, there's so much going on in this wine and it is meant to be brooded over!