Whatcha Gonna Glou About It? Party Pack

Whatcha Gonna Glou About It? Party Pack


If you're unfamilar with the term "glou glou" like most wine terms it's French. It means "glug glug" as in, the sound of someone gulping down a delicious liquid. In the quest for great wines, people often prize complex, austere wines that aren't always totally pleasurable; thought-provoking, sure, but what about fun? This pack contains a variety of wines that our local glou glou enthusiest, Hannah can't stop drinking, or talking about... and if you're missing a little joy in your life these days, she HIGHLY reccomends these wines for an emotional reset. 


Jolie-Laide 2019 Trousseau Noir, Trousseau Noir/Poulsard/Gamay/Valdiguié California, USA


Chicago born Scott Schultz was a little taken aback by the homogenous wine culture in California and made it his mission to blow up people’s preconceptions of California wine. Jolie-Laide, or Pretty-Ugly is Schultz’s first solo project, taking it’s name from French slang that usually refers to someone with unconventional features that’s still beautiful, aptly named as Scott uses ‘unconventional’ varieties as far a California is concerned! This is his Trousseau Noir blend, based on those alpine blends of the Jura mountains, Trousseau Noir, Poulsard, Gamay, and just because, a lil’ old vine Valdiguié. This wine is full of pomegranate, orange peel, spice cabinet, floral, and scabby in the prettiest way possible, medium bodied, and fresh! This wine tastes like glou-glou that studied art history and did a semester abroad in Europe.  



Gavioli Antica 2017 Lambrusco Rifermentazione Ancestrale Lambrusco Sorbara, Emilia-Romagna, Italy


Since 1794, when Pietro Gavioli was Mastro Cantiniere of the Marchesi Molza in Solara di Bomporto, Gavioli Antica Cantina has worked with Lambrusco, and today they continue to make wines with heritage and tradition in mind. They believe every single bottle represents the passion and care that they put in the vineyards, as well as in the cellar. Lambruso is both the name of the grape, and the wine itself, this one is 100% Lambruso Sorbara and is made in the ancestral method, meaning the wine is made sparkling by completing a fermentation in the bottle. It's dry, frothy, full of red fruit, and lightly floral, with some warm brioche notes. Lambrusco is the perfect wine for celebrating the little things in life. 




ibi Wines 2020 ’Adora’ Blaufränkisch Blau Nouveau, Ontario, Canada


If you aren’t familiar with ibi, it's the wine line from Revel Cider. Revel was created by Tariq Ahmed, initially a passion project that started while he was interning at Manorun farm, that eventually earned him a grant from Guelph University to get him started and in 2015, Revel Cider Co. was born! These days, Revel puts out some really interesting and thought provoking fermented beverages, often blurring the lines between wine and cider. Adora is their ‘Blau Nouveau’ a spontaneous fermented Blaufränkisch that spent only 9 days on it’s skins. The result is a fresh, fruity, fruity, fruity crushable wine that reminds me of childlike wonder, and secretly eating cherry lipsmakers. Drink young, and serve chilled while watch Dreamwork's She-Ra reboot. 

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