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Private Wine Cellar

Should you have a cellar?


Does it need to be constructed of rich mahogany and be filled with many leather bound books?

Mine's not, but it's cool if yours is.

Much like everything else in the world wines, the modern cellar is a fluid concept. Somewhere cool, not in direct sunlight, with the rest being negotiable.   

Your cellar, just like your closet, should be a reflection of your tastes. A mix of everyday go-to's, some fun accessories, and a few classics that you will love forever.


The first step is to figure out what works for you.


Private Cellar

Why Hire a Professional? 

It's time to stop playing hide-and-seek with your prized wine collection and bring in the big guns - a professional sommelier. Spoiler's me! I have spent the last 15 years running high volume, multi-million dollar wine programs for some of Canada's top restaurants. Organizing and maintaining high value wine cellars is what I do.  


Say goodbye to the chaos and welcome order and style to your cellar. With my meticulous organizational skills, your bottles will find their perfect place, with your prized bottles built into eye catching displays. Experience the difference a professional touch can make in your cellar.

The last step of a cellar makeover is updating the your cellar management app, spreadsheet or cellar map. Professionals have professional tools, I have absolutely fallen in love with OPUS by InVintory. It is a custom designed 3D cellar map of your cellar that integrates their proprietary VinLocate technology, that never leaves you wondering where anything is located. In addition, it can handle multiple cellars / locations, provide you a real time cellar valuation, and many customizable features. This app is best in class and I am thrilled to offer it as part of my list of services!  



  Clint S. 

I have worked with Heather over the past several years in a variety of cellar building functions. She has provided both advice, as well as found wines which are targeted specifically to my style and taste. In doing so, she introduced me to other regions in the world which have now become a main part of my collection and regular consumption. I would recommend Heather to anyone, whether you’re a beginner and wanting to learn more, or you are an experienced collector and looking to expand your horizons.

  Alecia A. 

Heather’s vast wine knowledge and ability to recall your preferences are a perfect pairing. She is exceptional  when it comes to matching you with a portfolio of wines that wow your senses. Heather’s recommendations open your eyes to varietals and regions you may have not considered before, while also being able to source your tried and true go tos. I often say “surprise me” and I am never disappointed. She’s helped me build up my cellar with a diverse mix of wines that I’ve learned how to pair through her tastings.  Her approach is very interactive and never intimidating. She educates and engages all your senses - you will walk away feeling more informed and confident. Her passion for wine is infectious and her commitment to the client experience is highly personalized and one that you will never forget. 

Eli B.

Heather speaks my language. She understands what I like and always delivers. I trust her with my selections and have been impressed with her efforts going above an beyond with wedding gifts and wines for special dinners. She has opened up the world of wine to include places beyond Napa Valley, and I couldn't be happier. Heather is your trusted advisor when it comes to elevating your wine experience for any occasion. 

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